American Horror Story

The popular American series reaches the fifth season. The pop star Lady Gaga will be among the protagonists (it is the first important role for the singer on the small screen), will play the countess of the hotel while Jessica Lange will abandon the TV series. Every season, its history. American Horror Story takes us into stories that are both poignant and nightmarish, mixing fear, gore and political correctness. What will you face to your greatest fears! Season 1 - Murder House The spirits are prowling and are determined to torture the Harmon family, to confront them with their greatest fears ... Season 2 - Asylum The arrival of a new disruptive element, nicknamed "Bloody Face" and which is said to have decapitated and dismembered three women, including his girlfriend, leads to an escalation of violence at the psychiatric clinic of Briarcliff ... Season 3 - Coven In New Orleans, a special school welcomes the youngest witches including Zoe, a girl who hides a secret. Season 4 - Freak Show Behind the scenes of a troupe of fairground entertainers in America's 1950s. Season 5 - Hotel Dramas and nightmares in a mysterious hotel in Los Angeles, frequented by strange creatures. Season 6 - My nightmare in Roanoke The nightmare of a couple settling in a small city of deep America, told in the manner of a docu-drama alternating protagonists testimonies and sequences reconstructed by actors. Season 7 - Cult Upset by Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election, a young woman is terrorized by scary clowns. Nightmare or reality? Season 8 - Apocalypse Following an apocalypse, some hand-picked "elect" survive in a protected bunker. As tensions rise, a question haunts the spirits: is the real hell outside, in the nuclear desert, or with them, in this worrisome closed place?
Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, Suspense
Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, Jessica Lange, Joseph Fiennes, James Cromwell, Emma Roberts
01 Jan, 2011
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