The Good Place

Eleanor (Kristen Bell) states that she was anything but nice in her earthly life, not a "good person". Now she has died as a result of a traffic accident and landed in a pleasant "life after death", the "Good Place". Wrong, because someone mistook her for a namesake. Ted Danson plays Michael, who, through the chain of unlikely coincidences, becomes the mentor of Eleanor on her way to becoming a better self. After being hit and killed by a trailer, Eleanor wakes up in what seems to be life after death. When Michael, the Site Architect, tells her that she is in the "right place" considering her good deeds, she realizes that she has been confused with someone else. The arrival of Eleanor could well endanger the balance of this world where no one swears or drinks alcohol excessively. The young woman will have to work on herself to become a better person if she wants to keep her place in the afterlife. Of course, she will be supported by new acquaintances like Chidi, her "soulmate" who always sees the good side of people, her neighbors a little too perfect Tahani and Jianyu, and finally Janet.
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Ted Danson, William Jackson Harper, Manny Jacinto
01 Jan, 2016
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